Sec. 22-67. Application.


An applicant for a permit required by the provisions of this article shall furnish the city permits division with the following information:


(1) The name of the street or avenue on which the work is to be done.


(2) The street address and the legal description of the property for which the work is required.


(3) The name of the owner of such property.


(4) The name of the plumber or contractor performing the work.


(5) The purpose for which the work is required.


(6) The size or area of pavement to be torn out or the linear feet of curb (and gutter or curb to be removed), the dimensions to be given in feet as nearly correctly as is possible to estimate same.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-2-2; Ord. No. 3870, 1, 5-4-92