Sec. 22-97.  Application.


(a)   A person seeking issuance of a permit hereunder shall file an application for such permit with the Planning and Development Department, which application shall contain the following:


(1)       A legal description of the building proposed to be moved, giving street number, construction materials, dimensions, number of rooms and condition of exterior and interior;


(2)       A legal description of the lot from which the building is to be moved, giving the lot, block and tract number, if located in the city;


(3)       A legal description of the lot to which it is proposed such building be removed, giving lot, block and tract number, if located in the city;


(4)       The portion of the lot to be occupied by the building when moved;


(5)       The highways, streets and alleys over, along or across which the building is proposed to be moved, after the application has been submitted, the code official or director of planning and development shall be notified of any changes desired in same;


(6)       Proposed moving date and hour; and


(7)       Any additional information which the code official deems necessary for a fair determination of whether a permit should be issued.


(b)   The owner of the building to be moved shall file with the application sufficient evidence that the building and lot from which it is to be removed are free and clear of all tax, special assessments or other charges.  The application shall be accompanied by a written estimate from all public utility companies of the expense that will be incurred in removing and replacing any electric wires, street lamps, pole lines, telephone wires, telephone poles or any other public utility property, the removal and replacement of which will be required by reason of the moving of the building through the city. 


Source:  Code 1962, §§ 5-16-3(A), (B), (D), 5-16-7(B); Ord. No. 5563, § 42, 8-20-18;