Sec. 23-18. Preliminary plan.


Three (3) prints and one (1) full-size PDF electronic file of the preliminary plan of any proposed subdivision shall be made available to the Planning and Development Department prior to noon on Monday of the week preceding the regular planning commission meeting date. The preliminary plat shall be drawn at a scale no smaller than one hundred (100) feet to the inch on a sheet twenty-four (24) inches by thirty-six (36) inches. The preliminary plat shall show or be accompanied by the following information:


(a)   The proposed name of the subdivision and names of adjacent subdivisions.


(b)   The names of the owner and the engineer, surveyor, or landscape architect responsible for the survey and design. Written evidence such as deed(s) or title report by a registered land abstracter listing the names of all owners of record and other persons who have an interest in, or any encumbrance on the land to be platted. Persons initiating the plat who are not the record titleholders of the property shall provide a consent form which is furnished with the subdivision application agreeing to the platting and signed by all owners of record.


(c)   The location of boundary lines and their relation to established section lines or fractional section lines.


(d)   The location and width of existing and proposed streets, roads, lots, (approximate dimensions) and alleys, building line, easements, parks, and other features of the proposed subdivision. The plan shall show the outline of adjacent properties for a distance of at least one hundred (100) feet and how the streets, alleys or highways in the proposed subdivision may connect with these adjacent which are of record.


(e)   Survey showing physical features of the property, including watercourses, ravines, bridges, culverts, present structures and other features of importance to lot and street layout. The approximate acreage of the property shall be indicated. Topography of the tract shall be shown on the preliminary plan by means of contours of one-foot or two-foot intervals.


(f)   Approximate gradients of streets. All grades shall be based on city datum.


(g)   Designation of the proposed uses of land within the subdivision, whether for residential, commercial, industrial or public use, such as parks and churches.


(h)   Center line profiles of proposed streets may be required by the planning commission.


(i)   North point, scale and exact date of submittal.


Approval of the preliminary plat does not constitute acceptance of the subdivision, but is merely an authorization to proceed with preparation of the final plat for record. No grading of streets, or construction shall be done on the subdivision before the final plat is approved by the planning commission and by the mayor and council, except by special permission of the mayor and city council. The approval of the preliminary plat shall be in effect for an indefinite period of time, except the planning commission may, after a minimum of time, require the redesign and/or resubmission of the preliminary plat. 


Source:  Code 1962, 11-24-4; Ord. No. 2873, 1, 6-2-80; Ord. No. 4013, 1, 2-22-94; Ord. No. 5563, 45, 8-20-18