Sec. 23-19. Final plat.


After the preliminary plan has been approved by the planning commission, a final plat for record shall be prepared and submitted to the commission for their recommendation and then submitted to the mayor and city council for action. Three (3) prints and one (1) full-size PDF electronic file shall be made available to the Planning and Development Department prior to noon on Monday of the week preceding the regular planning commission meeting dates. Twenty (20) copies of the plat, or as designated, are required by the city clerk prior to plat becoming an item on the city council agenda for council recommendation. Two (2) four-mil mylar twenty-four-inch by thirty-six-inch plats shall be made available and must contain all necessary signatures. One (1) copy shall be filed with the county register of deeds and the other filed with the Planning and Development Department.  The final plat shall be to a scale of one hundred (100) feet to the inch, and shall show or be accompanied by the following information:


(a)   The name of the subdivision and adjacent subdivisions, the names of streets (to conform wherever possible to existing street names), as well as house numbers to conform with this Code, and the numbers of lots and blocks, in accordance with a systematic arrangement.


(b)   An accurate boundary survey of the property, with bearing and distances, referenced to section or fractional section corners, and showing (in dotted lines) the lines of immediately adjacent streets and alleys with their widths and names.


(c)   Location of lots, streets, public highways, alleys, parks and other features, with accurate dimensions in feet and decimals of feet, with the length and radii of all curves, and with all other information necessary to duplicate the plat on the ground. The ground area of each separate lot shall be given in square feet and shall be affixed to the plat in the form of a list giving the lot number and square footage.


(d)   The location of building lines on front and side streets, and the location and dimension of utility easements.


(e)   Dedication of all streets, public highways, alleys, parks and other land intended for public use, signed by the owners and their spouses and by all other parties who have a mortgage or lien interest in the property, together with any restrictions which are to apply to lots.


(f)   A waiver of claim by the applicant for damages occasioned by the establishment of grades or the alteration of the surface of any portion of the streets and alleys to conform to the grades as established.


(g)   Certification by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plan represents a survey made by him, and that all the necessary boundary survey monuments are correctly shown thereon.


(h)   North point, scale and exact date of submittal.


(i)   A certificate showing that current taxes and special assessments due and payable have been paid in full; or if such taxes have been protested provided by law, monies or other sufficient escrows guaranteeing such payment of taxes in the event the protest is not upheld, may be placed on deposit with such officials or governing bodies to meet this requirement.


All figures and letters shown must be plain, distinct, and of sufficient size to be easily read, and must be of sufficient density to make a lasting and permanent record. When more than one (1) sheet is used, a key map, showing the entire subdivision at smaller scale with block numbers and street names, shall be shown on one (1) of the sheets, or on a separate sheet of the same size. Prior to final plat approval, a grading plan shall be approved by the city engineer. Said plan shall include drainage calculations and centerline street grades.


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