Sec. 23-28. Plat approval guidelines.


Required contents of a lot subdivision plat shall include:


(a)   The proposed name of the subdivision (not to duplicate or too closely resemble the name of any existing subdivision).


(b)   The name of the owner, engineer, surveyor, architect or developer who prepared the plat.


(c)   Scale of the plat shall be one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet or larger.


(d)   Date of preparation and north point.


(e)   Location of section, township, range, county and state lines, including the description boundaries of the subdivision based on an accurate traverse giving angular and linear dimensions which must be mathematically correct, and all other information including lot location and dimensions necessary to duplicate the plat on the ground.


(f)   The location of monuments or benchmarks shall be shown. Location of such monuments must be shown in reference to existing official monuments or to nearest established street lines, including the true angles and distances to such reference points or monuments.


(g)   Building setback lines and lot numbers.


(h)   Utility easements as required by section 23-38 of the Norfolk City Code, and a statement of dedication relative to said easements.


(i)   Topography (may be shown on vicinity sketch).


(j)   Existing structures (may be shown on vicinity sketch).


(k)   Location in relation to existing subdivisions where applicable (may be shown on vicinity sketch).


(l)   Certificate for signatures of all owners, person responsible for survey and platting, notary acknowledgment, planning commission, governing body and Madison County Register of Deeds.


Source:  Ord. No. 3016, 3, 10-19-81