Sec. 23-47.  Additional provisions required for plat approval.


No plat shall be approved by the city council until a subdivision agreement shall have been entered into between the developer and the city.  The developer shall prepare such agreement to be approved by the city attorney.  The agreement shall provide for the needs of the subdivision, including, but not limited to, pavement, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sidewalks, grading, waste treatment and open space requirements.  The agreement shall set forth the division of costs, where the city is involved in cost sharing for oversized pipe, off-site water and sewer extensions, and shall contain an estimate of these costs.  Any applicable fees for the connection of the subdivision to the city utilities shall be set forth in the agreement.  Security  may be required to assure performance under the agreement.  The agreement shall delineate any modification granted pursuant to the provisions of section 23-48, and specify the time frame for installation of improvements which are deterred temporarily in accordance with the provisions of said section.


After a plat has been duly reviewed by the planning commission and approved by the mayor and council, and a subdivision agreement has been submitted and approved by the city, as required in these rules, and after said plat has been duly recorded with the recorder of deeds, as required by law, construction may begin on buildings within the subdivision, upon issuance of a building permit.  No building permit shall be issued within such subdivisions, however, until improvement districts for the construction and installation of curb and gutter, pavement, water and sewer lines have been created in the block upon which said lot fronts or minimum improvements have otherwise been installed as provided for in these regulations. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3077, § 4, 7-19-82

Note--See editor’s note, § 23-45.