Sec. 23-52.  Street design.


(a)   For the purpose of facilitating the movement of traffic, certain streets are designated by the major street plan as major streets.  A map showing these major streets will be on file in the office of the department of planning and community development and reference shall be made to this system of major streets before any preliminary plan is approved.


(b)   When a proposed subdivision abuts a major street, or is bounded by a line that will in the future lie in a major street, or is divided by a major street, as shown on the major street plan, then the owner of that subdivision shall dedicate, without charge, any land within such subdivision that is necessary to provide conformity with the major street plan, such dedication to be shown on the preliminary plan and final plat.


(c)   The minimum width of a street shall be sixty (60) feet in all subdivisions; provided, however, that the width of a proposed street may be less than sixty (60) feet in those instances where extensions are being made to existing nonconforming streets or when in the judgement of the planning commission and city council it is impractical to provide a sixty (60) foot street due to the general layout of the subdivision or the physical characteristics of the area.  The office of the city engineer shall be consulted prior to the approval of any street of less width than sixty (60) feet.


(d)   The minimum design gradient shall be 0.5 per cent, and the maximum design gradient shall be eight (8) per cent. 


Source:  Code 1962, § 11-24-6(B); Ord. No. 5617, § 3, 6-3-19;