Sec. 24-125.† Stops at grade crossing by vehicles carrying dangerous cargo.


(a)†† The driver of any vehicle which carries;


(1)†††††† Liquid petroleum and liquid petroleum products;

(2)†††††† Flammable, oxidizing, or corrosive liquids;

(3)†††††† Flammable, nonflammable, or poisonous compressed gases;

(4)†††††† Volatile liquids or radioactive materials, whether loaded or empty; or

(5)†††††† When carrying explosives, flammables, or oxidizing solids and solids which emit poisonous fumes as a cargo or any part of a cargo; shall before crossing at a grade any track of a railroad on streets and highways shall stop such vehicle not more than fifty (50) feet nor less than fifteen (15) feet from the nearest rail or railroad and while stopped shall listen and look in both directions along the track for an approaching train, and shall not proceed until precaution has been taken to ascertain that the course is clear.


(b)†† The requirements of subsection (a) of this section shall not apply when any of the following circumstances or conditions exist:


(1)†††††† When a police officer or a crossing flagman directs traffic to proceed;

(2)†††††† An abandoned or exempted grade crossing which is clearly marked as such by or with the consent of competent authority, when such markings can be read from the driverís position; or

(3)†††††† Railroad tracks used exclusively for industrial switching purposes within a business district.

(4)†††††† Nothing in this section shall be deemed to exempt the driver of any vehicle from compliance with the requirements contained in this chapter.

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 60-6,170 to 60-6,177.