Sec. 24-152.  Removal of vehicles by city; redeeming of impounded vehicles.


(a)   Whenever any police officer shall find a vehicle standing upon a highway in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, such officer may remove or have such vehicle removed, or require the driver or other person in charge of the vehicle to move such vehicle, to a position off the roadway of such highway or from such highway.


(b)   Only the registered owner, a person authorized by the registered owner or a person lawfully entitled to the possession of such vehicle may redeem an impounded vehicle.  A person redeeming an impounded vehicle must produce a valid driver’s license.


(c)   Any person redeeming a vehicle impounded by the city shall pay the cost of towing charged to the city by its towing contractor plus storage fees and daily fees as set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code prior to redeeming the vehicle.  (Ord. No. 4501, § 1, 12-18-00)


(d)   It shall be an offense for the owner of a vehicle to abandon a vehicle by failing to redeem a towed vehicle within forty five (45) days after being towed.


(e)   The owner of any vehicle which is impounded under this chapter shall be held responsible for payment of the towing and storage fees.  Failure to pay such towing and storage fees to the City within fifteen (15) days after being billed for the same by the city shall constitute an offense.

Cross reference--Wrecked or abandoned vehicles, § 17-26 et seq.

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 60-6,165 to 60-6,169.; Ord. No. 5137, § 1, 9-7-10; Ord. No. 5135, § 15, 9-7-10