Sec. 24-207.  Same--Removal by police division; storage; towing, redemption fees; records to be maintained.


(a) Members of the police division are hereby authorized to remove or have removed a vehicle from a street to another place or location on a street or to a lot, garage, storage yard, or other similar facility designated by the police division when:


(1) The vehicle is parked on an emergency route on which a parking prohibition is in effect;

(2) The vehicle is stalled on an emergency route on which there is a parking prohibition in effect and the person who is operating said vehicle does not appear to be removing it in accordance with the provisions of this article; or

(3) The vehicle is parked on any street in violation of any parking prohibition or provision of law contained in this article and is interfering or about to interfere with snow removal operations.


(b) Any vehicle removed pursuant to subsection (a) may be redeemed by the owner as provided for in section 24-152 of this Code. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3127, 10, 2-22-83; Ord. No. 4502, 1, 12-18-00