Sec. 24-283. Rubbish on highways.


(a) No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway:


(1) Any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, or any other substance likely to injure any person or animal or damage any vehicle upon such highway;

(2) Materials that may make the highway unsightly, such as rubbish, sewage, garbage, paper, or any other material of such nature; or

(3) Any burning material.


(b) Any person who deposits, or permits to be deposited, upon any highway any destructive or injurious material shall immediately remove such or cause it to be removed.


(c) Any person who removes a wrecked or damaged vehicle from a highway shall remove any glass or other injurious substance deposited on the highway from such vehicle.

Cross references--Garbage trucks, 10-23; littering from vehicles, 14-43.

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 39-311.