Sec. 24-351.  Definitions.


For purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply:


All-terrain vehicle means any motorized off-highway vehicle which is (a) fifty inches (50") or less in width, (b) has a dry weight of twelve hundred pounds (1,200 lbs.) or less, (c) travels on three (3) or more nonhighway tires, (d) is designed for operator use only with no passengers or is specifically designed by the original manufacturer for the operator and one (1) passenger.


Utility-type vehicle means any motorized off-highway vehicle which is (a) seventy-four inches (74") in width or less, (b) is not more than one hundred eighty inches (180"), including the bumper, in length, (c) has a dry weight of two thousand pounds (2,000 lbs.) or less, and (d) travels on four (4) or more nonhighway tires.  Utility-type vehicle does not include all-terran vehicles, golf car vehicles, or low-speed vehicles.


State highway means a road or street, including the entire area within the right-of-way, which has been designated a part of the state highway system.


Ord. No. 5663, § 2, 5-18-2020;

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 2010, 60-6.355.