Sec. 24-356.  Registration.


a.        It shall be an offense for any person to operate any utility-type vehicle within the city unless:


            (1)  The utility-type vehicle has passed an inspection by the police division;


            (2)  The owner has demonstrated proof of insurance to the police division; and


            (3)  The owner has obtained from the police division a registraton plate with validation decal for the current year affixed to the plate.  The registration plate with validation decal for the current year must be affixed to the rear of the utility-type vehicle in a conspicuous place.  Any person obtaining a registration plate and/or current year validation decal to operate a utility-type vehicle within the city shall pay a fee to the city as set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code.  No registration plate or validation decal fee shall be assessed for registration of any city-owned utility-type vehicle. 


b.         All registrations issued under the provisions of this article shall be effective from January 1 to December 31, and all registrations shall expire December 31 of the year in which they were issued unless the registraton is issued after December 1 in which case the registration will expire on the second December 31 folloowing the date of issue.


c.         The city reserves the right to suspend or revoke the registration of a utility-type vehicle within the city for violation of any provision of this article.


Ord. No. 5663, § 2, 5-18-2020;