Sec. 24-371. Definitions.


For the purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply:
            Golf car vehicle means a vehicle that has at least four (4) wheels, has a maximum level ground speed of less than twenty (20) miles per hour, has a maximum payload capacity of one thousand two hundred pounds (1,200 lbs.), has a maximum gross vehicle weight of two thousand five hundred pounds (2,500 lbs.), has a maximum passenger capacity of not more than four (4) persons, is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting and recreational purposes, and is not being operated within the boundaries of a golf course.


State highway means a road or street, including the entire area within the right-of-way, which has been designated a part of the state highway system.


Ord. No. 5821, 1, 03-20-23;

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 2010, 60-622.01.