Sec. 24-54.  Payment of fines and costs.


Any person accused of a violation of a motor vehicle parking ordinance or duly established parking regulation, or violation of the ordinance prohibiting the parking or stopping of a motor vehicle in such manner as to interfere with the lawful use of a street, or parked in violation of this chapter for which a parking ticket payable within seventy-two (72) hours may be issued, may appear before the violations bureau at the city clerk’s office and dispose of the same without a court proceeding, if within said seventy-two-hour period, by paying to the city treasurer the sum of five dollars ($5.00). In each instance of such payment within said seventy-two-hour period, as a means of disposing of said parking ticket without a court proceeding, the person charged on said parking ticket or notice shall pay in addition to the amount specified above, the sum of five dollars ($5.00) as an administrative cost of handling the same through the violations bureau. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3419, § 4, 7-21-86