Sec. 25-1. Duty of landowner; city aid.


(a) Except for city-maintained trees in the areas listed herein as city corridor tree locations, the owner, agent or occupant of any land abutting a street or alley shall keep the trees located upon their property or located upon a terrace immediately adjacent to their property or, where there is no terrace, upon the section of the street or alley or property dedicated as a right-of-way which is unimproved that is so abutting their property, trimmed, pruned and maintained in a healthy manner as to remove any hazard to life or property.


(b) The fire chief or his/her designee may order any person required to maintain property pursuant to this chapter to perform such maintenance as is required to abate interference with any public utility from any tree or shrub that is located on their property or the terrace, alley or dedicated right-of-way as described in section 25-1(a).


(c)   In the case of a community disaster or emergency as declared by the mayor and city council, the city may aid the property owner in the removal, trimming and/or cleanup of trees and shrubs within the section of the street so abutting dedicated as a right-of-way.


(d)   Removal of city corridor trees, as hereinafter defined, that were funded and/or planted by the city, or as a part of a city project, is not permitted without the written permission of the parks and recreation director or city arborist.  The city arborist will maintain a complete list of locations containing city corridor trees that were funded and/or planted by the city or as part of a city project.


(e)   "City corridor trees" are defined as those trees that will be maintained by the city.  City corridor tree locations include the following:


(1)    Benjamin Avenue from 1st Street to 25th Street.

(2)    Braasch Avenue from 1st Street to 7th Street.

(3)    Norfolk Avenue from Cottonwood Street to 8th Street.

(4)    2nd Street from Braasch Avenue to Madison Avenue.

(5)    3rd Street from Braasch Avenue to Madison Avenue.

(6)    4th Street from Braasch Avenue to Madison Avenue.

(7)    5th Street from Prospect Avenue to Madison Avenue.

(8)    7th Street (east side) from Braasch Avenue to Michigan Avenue.


Source:  Ord. No. 3858, 2, 4-20-92; Ord. No. 5810, 1, 12-19-22;