Sec. 26-12. Maintenance of water service lines and attachments.


(a)   It shall be the responsibility of the owner or occupant of any premises to install and maintain any backflow device required by the State of Nebraska. Such requirements are currently set forth in the regulations of Nebraska Health and Human Services, Regulation and Licensure, Title 179 of Nebraska Administrative Code. It shall also be the responsibility of such persons to maintain their own service lines and attachments, including curb stop, from the water main to the water meter.


(b)  In the event a demolition permit is issued for any premises, all water service lines shall be disconnected at the curb stop prior to demolition of the structure. The water and sewer director shall file an affidavit with the county register of deeds reflecting the status of the water line at the time of demolition.  The owner shall retain responsibility for the ownership and maintenance of the water service line, curb stop, and any other service lines until they are properly disconnected at the water main.  In the event extenuating circumstances, such as weather, do not allow the disconnection at the curb stop or main as outlined above, the water and sewer director may allow disconnection to occur at a later date.  The disconnection, however, shall occur no later than six (6) months following the demolition of said structure unless written approval is obtained from the public works director to disconnect at a time beyond six (6) months following demolition.


(c)  Any existing or newly-constructed, privately-owned water service lines, whether located on city right of way or private property, which are connected to city water, shall be maintained by the owners of the water service line or the owners of the properties served by the water service line.


Source:  Code 1962, 3-1-15, 3-1-23; Ord. No. 4319, 1, 3-16-98; Ord. No. 5519, 1, 2-5-18