Sec. 26-13. Curbstops generally.


(a)  Every water service pipe shall be provided with an easily accessible curbstop for each consumer, which and so situated that the water can be conveniently shut off. Curbstops shall be of such patterns as shall be approved by the water and sewer director. Curbstop valves, one (1) inch to two (2) inch, allowed by the city for installations are Mueller Oriseal Valves 1" to 2" No. H-15201 or Ford Ball Valves 1" B22-444, 1" B22-555, 1" B22-666 and 2" B22-777 or equal. 3/4" Curbstop Valves may be Mueller H15175, Ford B22-333 or equal.


(b)  Unless otherwise permitted by the water and sewer director, curbstops shall be placed in the service pipe on the terrace one (1) foot from the property line, and protected by a box or iron pipe reaching from the top to the surface, of suitable size to admit a stop key for turning on and off the stop; also with a cast iron cover having the letter "W" marked thereon visibly, and even with the pavement or curbing. The property owner is hereby required to keep said curbstop in good repair and if said property owner should fail to do so, then the water and sewer director is hereby authorized to make the necessary repairs and the cost thereof shall be made a charge against said property owner the same as water rent.


(c)  Where the curbstop and/or water service line for a consumer is located in a terrace adjacent to property owned by someone other than the consumer, or where the water service line of a consumer is located on the property of another, the consumer shall remain responsible for (1) the maintenance of the water service line as set forth in section 26-12 of this Code and (2) the maintenance of the curbstop as set forth in section 26-13(b) of this Code.  The consumer shall also be responsible for the replacement and repair of any paving, concrete, fencing, sod or other landscaping on the property of another or on the terrace adjoining the property of another which is damaged or destroyed in performing maintenance on the curbstop or water service line as required herein.


Source:  Code 1962, 3-1-16, 4-2-20; Ord. No. 4137, 1, 1-8-96)