Sec. 26-138. Sampling of waters and wastes--Stations required; installation and maintenance.


The owner of any property serviced by a building sewer carrying industrial wastes shall, at the request of the city engineer, install a suitable sampling station or stations upon each and every building sewer or shall combine said building sewers into one common building sewer upon which one sampling station shall be placed. The sampling station or stations shall be furnished with such necessary meters and other appurtenances in the building sewer or sewers to facilitate observation, sampling and measurement of the wastes. Such sampling station or stations shall be accessibly and safely located, and shall be constructed in accordance with plans approved by the city engineer. The sampling station or stations shall be installed by the owner at his expense, and shall be maintained by him so as to be safe and accessible at all times. The sampling equipment will be furnished and maintained by the city.


Source:  Ord. No. 3014, 20, 10-5-81