Sec. 26-183.  Suspension of storm drain system access.


(a)   Suspension due to illicit discharges in emergency situations:  The city may, without prior notice, suspend storm drain system discharge access to a person when such suspension is necessary to stop an actual or threatened discharge which presents or may present imminent and substantial danger to the environment, or to the health or welfare of persons, or to the storm drain system or waters of the United States.  If the violator fails to comply with a suspension order issued in an emergency, the authorized enforcement agency may take such steps as deemed necessary to prevent or minimize damage to the storm drain system or waters of the United States or to minimize danger to persons.


(b)   Suspension due to the detection of illicit discharge:  Any person discharging to the storm drain system in violation of this article may have their storm drain system access terminated if such termination would abate or reduce an illicit discharge.  The city will notify a violator of the proposed termination of its storm drain system access.  The violator may submit a written petition to the authorized enforcement agency for a reconsideration and hearing.


(c)   Unlawful reinstatement of storm drain system access:


A person commits an offense if the person reinstates storm drain system access to premises terminated pursuant to this section without the prior approval of the authorized enforcement agency. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5086, 1, 8-3-09; Ord. No. 5237, 1, 12-3-12