Sec. 26-187.  Requirements for the building phase of development.


Any person who engages in construction activity is responsible for compliance with this article and all applicable terms and conditions of the approved construction activity and stormwater pollution prevention plan as it relates to the building phase of development.  The following information shall be included with the application for a building permit:


(1)       Either (a) the legal description and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit number for the Larger Common Plan of Development, or (b) the location of the property where the building phase of development is to occur; and


(2)       Contractor acknowledgement that the building phase of development for the property described on the application for a building permit will be conducted in conformance with Sec. 26-186 of this Code and the construction activity stormwater pollution prevention plan.


Source:  Ord. No. 5086, 1, 8-3-09; Ord. No. 5237, 1, 12-3-12; Ord. No. 5624, 9, 8-5-19;