Sec. 26-192.  Notice of violation.


Whenever the city finds that a person has violated a prohibition or failed to meet a requirement of this article, the authorized enforcement agency may order compliance by written notice of violation to the responsible person.


The  notice of violation shall be sent via regular United States mail or via hand delivery to the owner of the property and any licensee listed under a city business license for the property and said notice shall contain:


(1)       The name and address of the parties listed above;


(2)       The address when available or a description of the building, structure or land upon which the violation is occurring, or has occurred;


(3)       A statement specifying the nature of the violation;


(4)       A description of the remedial action;


(5)       A statement of the penalty or penalties that shall or may be assessed against the person or persons to whom the notice of violation is directed; and,


(6)       A statement that the determination of violation may be appealed to the city or designee by filing a written notice of appeal within thirty (30) days of service of notice of violation.  


Source:  Ord. No. 5086, 1, 8-3-09; Ord. No. 5237, 1, 12-3-12