Sec. 26-46. Termination or refusal of service for nonpayment; lien for unpaid charges.


(a) If water bills are not paid within the payment period as approved by the council, the service staff shall, as a first priority except for emergency situations of the city, proceed to disconnect water service to a consumer. Service staff may attempt to collect delinquent charges prior to disconnection of water service. If water service staff needs to attempt to collect delinquent charges more often than once in any twelve-month period, a service fee as set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code may be required to prevent disconnection of water service to the customer.


(b) The city may refuse to furnish water service to the occupants of any premises against which the city holds a lien for water rent.


(c) The city may refuse to furnish water service to any consumer who is responsible for an outstanding water and/or sewer bill that is delinquent.


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State law reference--Termination of water service for nonpayment of bills, R.R.S. 1943, 70-1605 et seq.