Sec. 27-125.  Mobile home subdivision development standards.


(a)   Each mobile home shall have a minimum width of ten (10) feet and contain a minimum of four hundred (400) square feet of living floor area.


(b)   All mobile homes shall be skirted and placed upon a permanent foundation in conformity with city building codes.  Such skirting shall provide a removable access panel to provide easy access to all utility hookups located within the skirted area.


(c)   All mobile homes shall meet or exceed the applicable portions of the minimum specifications of the American National Standards Institute Specification A119.1 and the applicable portions of city building codes.


(d)   All utility connections shall be in conformance with city and state codes.


(e)   A tract proposed for a mobile home subdivision shall not contain less than five (5) acres and shall be platted in accordance with subdivision regulations as set forth in Chapter 23 of this Code.


(f)   All mobile home lots shall front on a public right-of-way.


(g)   Where a mobile home subdivision abuts an area zoned for residential use other than mobile homes, a solid or semisolid fence or wall six (6) feet in height, or a buffer of trees and shrubs six (6) feet in height and fifteen (15) feet in width, shall be provided between the mobile home subdivision and the adjoining residential area.  When the landscape buffer is used in lieu of said fence or wall, the buffered area shall not be part of any required rear or side yard.


(h)   Mobile homes may be offered for sale in the mobile home subdivision by lot owners only. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02