Sec. 27-130.  Tiny house subdivision development standards.


(a)  All tiny houses shall be placed upon a permanent continuous perimeter foundation in conformity with city building codes.


(b)  All tiny houses shall meet or exceed the applicable portions of the minimum specifications of the applicable portions of city building codes.


(c)  All utility connections shall be in conformance with city and state codes.


(d)  A tract proposed for a tiny house subdivision shall not contain less than one (1) acre and shall be platted in accordance with subdivision regulations as set forth in Chapter 23 of this Code.


(e)  Tiny house subdivision hereafter approved shall have a maximum density of twenty-five (25) tiny houses per gross acre.


(f)  All tiny house lots shall front on a public right-of-way.


(g)  Tiny houses may be offered for sale in the tiny house subdivision by lot owners only. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5799, 8, 9-6-22