Sec. 27-133.  Conditional uses - District R-O.


In District R-O, the following conditional uses, as well as those provided for in Sec. 27-401, may be allowed.  Any conditional use permit shall include as minimal conditions those conditions specifically set forth in this section for each conditional use listed.  Additional conditions, stipulations, or restrictions may also be required as is deemed necessary for the protection of the public interest.  The exterior character of the building shall not be modified from that of the existing residential structure, other than exterior enlargements or additions required by state and city regulations.


(1)       For all conditional uses, only existing buildings within the district may be converted internally to a conditional use. 


(2)       Libraries, museums, art galleries, art centers and similar uses.


(3)       Bed and breakfast inns where the following additional provisions are met.


a.         Rooms utilized by guests and occupants of the premises should be in the principal residential structure.  Separate structures, accessory buildings and garages shall not be utilized as living units or sleeping rooms.


b.         The use by a guest shall be temporary only.


c.         Two (2) off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit plus one (1) off-street parking space for each sleeping room designated for guests, which parking areas shall not be located in the required front or side yard setbacks; however, existing parking spaces for offices may be used and shall count towards the number of required parking spaces.


(4)       Tea rooms.


(5)       Offices of the following uses limited to a maximum of four (4) employees including principals and located in an existing building designated and originally occupied as a dwelling.  The residential appearance of the building shall be maintained by not changing the exterior character thereof.  The following uses may be provided where the above conditions are met.


a.         Attorneys.


b.         Architects, engineers, landscape architects, city planners and other similar professional services.


c.         Insurance agents.


d.         Stockbrokers.


e.         Travel agents.


f.          Real estate agents.


g.         Research or other service oriented offices not related to the sale of goods or merchandise on the premises. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02