Sec. 27-162.  Permitted uses - District C-2.


In District C-2, no building, structure, land, or premises shall be used, and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, or altered as a permitted use, except for one or more of the following or as provided for in Sec. 27-401:


(1)       The uses specified below or allowed in this district pursuant to the land use matrix shall not include outdoor storage of material, supplies or equipment; however, outdoor storage of registered motor vehicles shall not be prohibited.


(2)       Mortuary, funeral and crematory services. 


(3)       Bowling alleys, dance halls, skating rinks, taverns, nightclubs and similar commercial recreation buildings.


(4)       Cafeterias and restaurants not including drive-up windows or drive-up lanes, where people are not served in automobiles.


(5)       Schools including private schools, dance, music or other occupational or hobby activities. 


(6)       Off-sale of alcoholic liquor, beer or wine.


(7)       Radio, television stations and broadcasting studios except towers.


(8)       Corporate offices.


(9)       General offices.


(10)     Financial services.


(11)     Medical offices.


(12)     Convenience food sales.


(13)     Limited food sales.


(14)     General food sales.


(15)     Limited retail services.


(16)     Medium retail services.


(17)     Personal services.


(18)     Cocktail lounges.


(19)     Passenger transportation facilities.


(20)     Residential located above the ground floor only.  


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02; Ord. 4679, 11, 8-18-03; Ord. No. 5147, 2, 12-20-10; Ord. No. 5326, 1, 11-17-14;