Sec. 27-212.  Permitted uses - District I-3.


In District I-3, no building, structure, land, or premises shall be used, and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, or altered as a permitted use, except for one or more of the following or as provided for in Sec. 27-401:


(1)       Apparel or garment manufacturing.


(2)       Bakeries manufacturing.


(3)       Beverage bottling and manufacturing.


(4)       Canning and preserving factories.


(5)       Dairy products manufacturing.


(6)       Drug and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


(7)       Electric and electronic machinery manufacturing.


(8)       Fats and oils manufacturing excluding animal rendering.


(9)       Food (prepared) and manufacturing including ice plants.


(10)     Furniture and fixtures manufacturing.


(11)     Glass and glassware manufacturing including clay, plaster and gypsum products.


(12)     Grain and feed mills.


(13)     Instruments manufacturing used for engineering, scientific and research purposes.


(14)     Jewelry manufacturing including costume jewelry.


(15)     Leather and leather products manufacturing.


(16)     Machinery and engine manufacturing.


(17)     Manufactured and modular home manufacturing.


(18)     Medical instruments and supplies manufacturing.


(19)     Metal (fabricated) manufacturing including hand tools and general hardware.


(20)     Musical instrument manufacturing.


(21)     Optical instrument manufacturing.


(22)     Paper, paperboard and allied products manufacturing excluding pulp mills.


(23)     Pen, pencil and artists material manufacturing.


(24)     Photographic equipment and supplies manufacturing.


(25)     Publishing, bookbinding and industries which provide specialized services to commercial printers; but excluding commercial print shops.


(26)     Sugar and confectionery refining and manufacturing.


(27)     Textile manufacturing.


(28)     Toy, amusement and sporting goods manufacturing.


(29)     Transportation equipment manufacturing.


(30)     Utility installations.


(31)     Warehousing and storage.


(32)     Watches, clocks and clock operated devices manufacturing.


(33)     Wood products manufacturing.


(34)     Miscellaneous manufacturing.


(35)     Wholesale trade activities which are subordinate accessory uses to the above permitted uses. 


(36)     Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above uses.


(37)     Soil extraction for public road purposes when meeting the requirements set forth in Section 27-293.  


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02; Ord. 4679, 17, 8-18-03