Sec. 27-224.  Procedure for application.


Applications for approval must contain at a minimum the following information:


(1)       A detailed site map, including:


a.   A boundary survey.


b.   Site dimensions.


c.   Contour lines at no greater than five foot intervals.


d.   Adjacent public rights-of-way, transportation routes, and pedestrian or bicycle systems.


e.   Description of adjacent land uses.


f.    Utility service to the site and easements through the site.


g.   Description of other site features, including drainage, soils, or other considerations that may affect development.


(2)       A development plan, including:


a.   A site layout, including the location of proposed buildings, parking, open space, and other facilities.


b.   Location, capacity, and conceptual design of parking facilities.


c.   Description of the use of individual buildings.


d.   Description of all use types to be included in the project or area, and maximum floor area devoted to each general use.


e.   Maximum height of buildings.


f.    Schematic location and design of open space on the site, including a landscaping plan.


g.   Vehicular and pedestrian circulation plan, including relationship to external transportation systems.


h.   Schematic building elevations and sections if required to describe the project.


i.    Grading plans.


j.    Proposed sewer and utility improvements.


k.   Location, sizes, and types of all proposed signage.


(3)       Specific proposed development regulations for the project, including:


a.   The specific use types permitted within the proposed district.


b.   Maximum floor area ratios.


c.   Front, side, and rear yard setbacks.


d.   Maximum height.


e.   Maximum building and impervious coverage.


f.    Design standards applicable to the project.


(4)       A traffic impact analysis, if required by the city. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02