Sec. 27-225.  Adoption of District


(1)       The planning commission and city council shall review and evaluate each Mixed Use District application.  The city may impose reasonable conditions, as deemed necessary to ensure that a mixed use development shall be compatible with adjacent land uses, will not overburden public services and facilities and will not be detrimental to public health, safety and welfare.


(2)       The planning commission, after proper notice, shall hold a public hearing and act upon each application.


(3)       The planning commission may recommend amendments to Mixed Use District applications.


(4)       The recommendation of the planning commission shall be transmitted to the city council for final action.


(5)       The city council, after proper notice, shall hold a public hearing and act upon any ordinance establishing a Mixed Use District.  Proper notice shall mean the same notice established for any other zoning amendment.


(6)       An ordinance adopting a Mixed Use District shall require a favorable simple majority of the city council for approval.


(7)       Upon approval by the city council, the development plan shall become a part of the ordinance creating or amending the Mixed Use District.  All approved plans shall be filed with the city clerk. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02