Sec. 27-233.  Procedure for application - Planned Development Overlay.


The person applying for a planned development overlay designation shall submit the following material for review and recommendation by the planning commission.


(1)       A survey of the exact area for which the P-D overlay designation is being requested.  (Scale: 1" = 50')


(2)       An abstracter's certificate listing all owners of property for which the P-D overlay designation is being requested.


(3)       A topographical map of the entire subject area at a contour interval showing two foot changes in elevation.  This map shall indicate all natural and manmade features. (Scale: 1" = 50')


(4)       A preliminary plan of the entire subject area drawn in such detail as to show the land uses being requested, the densities being proposed, where applicable, the system of collector streets, signs and off-street parking system.  If private streets or common areas are proposed, the applicant shall submit general information as to their design, location and maintenance, including proposed articles and bylaws for a homeowners association if such association is to own the streets or common areas.


(5)       A written statement explaining in detail the full intent of the applicant indicating the specifics of the development plan as it relates to the type of dwelling units contemplated and resultant population; the extent of nonresidential development and the resultant traffic generated and parking demands created; and providing supporting documentation such as but not limited to market studies, supporting land use request, and the intended scheduling of development.


(6)       Written consent to P-D overlay designation of all owners of land for which P-D overlay designation is requested. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02