Sec. 27-235.  Final plan review - Planned Development Overlay.


Within a period of one (1) year from the date of approval of the preliminary plan, the applicant shall submit the final plan for review by the planning commission.  The final plan shall include the following:


(1)       A final overall site plan for the entire area being requested under this P-D overlay designation.  This plan shall detail specific uses, building location, off-street parking, street alignment changes, open spaces and other physical plan components being proposed.  Supporting documentation in the form of conceptual building design and schedule of construction shall be submitted.


(2)       The final plan shall reflect the use patterns as approved in the preliminary plan.  Standards for building size, signs and off-street parking shall be equal to standards set forth in the underlying district.  Where the developer has demonstrated that alternative standards would not result in negative impact on surrounding properties, the council may grant variances from the strict application of these regulations with conditions as are necessary to insure compatibility with adjacent uses and zoning.


(3)       All dedications of public rights-of-way or planned public open spaces shall be made prior to any construction taking place on the site.  Private streets, common areas or other land to be held in common shall be deeded to a homeowners association or business association.


(4)       In residential areas, any common open space may be deeded to an association of all owners of property within the planned development, either as right in fee or easement, and shall be retained as open space for park, recreation and related uses for residents of the planned development.  All lands dedicated shall meet the requirements of the city council to the public. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02