Sec. 27-238.  Amendments - Planned Development Overlay.


After the application for a planned development has been approved, including the specific final plan required under this article, the zoning official is authorized to approve amendments to the final plan, provided that:


(1)       A request for amendment is filed with the city, together with all information pertinent to the proposed amendments;


(2)       Such amendment shall not violate any regulations set forth in this chapter;


(3)       Such amendment may provide for minor relocation or increases in total floor area, and storage space originally permitted;


(4)       There is no increase in the number of dwelling units;


(5)       No reduction is made to the applicable setback or yard requirements;


(6)       No public land is accepted;


(7)       Such amendment shall not be contrary to the general purpose and intent of this chapter;


(8)       Any amendment not in conformance with this section shall be submitted to the planning commission in the same manner as an original application for P‑D overlay designation. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02