Sec. 27-249.  Floodway overlay district.


(a)   Permitted uses.  Only uses having a low flood damage potential and not obstructing flood flows shall be permitted within the floodway overlay district to the extent that they are not prohibited by any other provisions of this Code and provided they do not require structures, fill, or storage of materials or equipment.  No use shall increase the flood levels of the base flood elevation.  These uses are subject to the standards of Secs. 27-247 and 27-248 and include:


(1)       Agricultural uses such as general farming, pasture, nurseries, forestry.


(2)       Residential uses such as lawns, gardens, parking and play areas.


(3)       Nonresidential areas such as loading areas, parking, airport landing strips.


(4)       Public and private recreational uses such as golf courses, archery ranges, picnic grounds, parks, wildlife and nature preserves. 


(b)   New placement of residential structures including mobile homes is prohibited within the identified floodway (FW) areas.


(c)   Replacement of mobile homes in existing mobile home parks and subdivisions is prohibited.


(d)   In Zone A unnumbered, the enforcement officer may obtain, review and reasonably utilize any floodway data available through federal, state or other sources or Sec. 27-247 of this division, in meeting the standards of this section. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02