Sec. 27-27.  Permits and certificate of zoning compliance.


(a)  The code official or his or her designee shall receive application and issue permits for the erection and alteration of buildings, structures or signs.


(b)  No person shall construct, erect, enlarge, structurally alter or demolish a building, structure or sign without first obtaining a building permit, which permit shall include notice of zoning compliance.


(c)  Every person making application for a building/zoning permit shall complete an application form furnished and approved by the Planning and Development Department.  Such application shall contain location, type of improvement, proposed use, cost of improvement, a site or plot plan, and notice of zoning compliance.  Any and all requirements of the city Code shall be met, or waived where applicable, prior to the issuance of any building permit. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02; Ord. No. 5563, 59, 8-20-18;