Sec. 27-272.  Prerequisite requirements - Wellhead Protection Overlay.


Prior to any application of this district to any lands within the city and/or its extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction area, the city shall have first complied with all other requirements of the Wellhead Protection Area Act (Neb. Rev. Stat. 46-1501 through 45-1509) and the additional requirements listed as follows:


a)        Delineation of the wellhead protection area(s) based upon a twenty (20) year time of travel recharge zone, as defined by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.


b)        Completion and mapping of an inventory of potential contamination sources within the wellhead protection area(s), including identification of known abandoned wells and/or wells not in use.


c)        Formulation of emergency/contingency/long-range plans in the event of disruption of the supply of water from wells in the wellhead protection area(s).


d)        Formulation and implementation of an ongoing public involvement/education program to permit public comment in the establishment of a Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP), including a plan to provide public information regarding the WHPP and voluntary cooperation with the same.


e)        Development of a plan to install and maintain Wellhead Protection Area signs on roadways around the wellhead protection area(s). 


Source:  Ord. No. 5025, 3, 8-18-08