Sec. 27-273.  Limitation on application - Wellhead Protection Overlay.


This district may only be applied to lands within wellhead protection areas based upon a twenty (20) year time of travel recharge zone, as defined by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, as delineated on the official Wellhead Protection Overlay District Map of the city approved by ordinance.  In the event the boundaries of any such wellhead protection area(s) do not follow easily identifiable boundaries such as roads, rivers, creeks, section, quarter section or quarter-quarter section lines, the boundaries of such areas shall be expanded to, but not beyond, the nearest such lines to avoid confusion and added administrative costs associated with in-the-field determination of such boundaries. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5025, 3, 8-18-08; Ord. No. 5207, 5, 6-4-12