Sec. 27-276.  Conditional uses and structures - Wellhead Protection Overlay.


a.   Any use listed as a conditional use in the primary zoning district(s) on which this Wellhead Protection Overlay is overlain, except the uses specifically prohibited in Section 27-277 of this Code, may be authorized as a conditional use in accordance with the requirements and procedures specified in Article VI of this Chapter, provided the authorization of any conditional use shall include at least the condition that any use so authorized shall comply with all applicable requirements and restrictions of Sec. 27-278 of this Code.


b.   In addition to the conditional uses authorized above, non-residential, septic and/or on-site wastewater treatment systems may be granted as a conditional use within the Wellhead Protection Overlay District. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5025, 3, 8-18-08