Sec. 27-277.  Prohibited uses and structures - Wellhead Protection Overlay.


Uses and structures, which are prohibited in the primary zoning district(s) on which this district is overlain, shall be prohibited and, regardless of whether prohibited in the primary zoning district(s), the following uses, activities and structures shall be specifically prohibited on any land area on which this district is applied:


a.         Medium or Large Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations as defined in Nebraska Title 130 (Livestock Waste Control Regulations), and associated waste handling facility uses.

b.         Stockpiling of livestock manure, paunch, or sludge.

c.         Containment of liquid livestock waste, manure, paunch, or sludge.

d.         Landfills and refuse recycling centers.

e.         Sand, gravel, or limestone mining operations.

f.          Chemical reclamation facilities.

g.         Hazardous waste impoundment facilities.

h.         Salvage (junk) yards of all types.

i.          Non-residential septic and/or on-site wastewater treatment systems, unless a conditional use permit is issued as authorized in Section 27-276(b). 


Source:  Ord. No. 5025, 3, 8-18-08