Sec. 27-280.03.  Provisions for North Fork of the Elkhorn River Overlay District.


(a)   Description of character.  This North Fork of the Elkhorn River Overlay District will support and attract a diverse and economically sustainable mixed-use business/residential community that will continue the aesthetics of the existing downtown district, in coordination with the adjacent zoning districts, creates, encourages and promotes a safe and vibrant environment that is accessible to the public.  The character of this overlay district will include high caliber, long-lasting buildings while maintaining a strong connection to revitalized streets and green spaces where multimodal connection to the riverfront is encourage and celebrated.


(b)   Goals and objectives.  The goal of the overlay district is to provide a framework for future redevelopment that supplements the underlying zoning of the property within the overlay district while promoting and emphasizing design elements that transition from the downtown, urban core of the city to the vibrant, multi-use riverfront.  Its objectives include:


(1)       Lot dimensional allowances that support the connection of the buildings to the adjacent streetscape while providing open spaces on properties that face the North Fork of the Elkhorn River.


(2)       Building envelope standards that provide maximum flexibility to support high density urban development while including public amenity spaces, line of site views, and pedestrian connections to the adjacent riverfront.


(3)       Minimize the quantity and appearance of parking lots and loading areas within the overlay district.


(4)       Public and private signage and lighting standards that encourage way finding, pedestrian safety, and safe multimodal use of public space and facilitate harmonious and consistent connection between private and public spaces.


(5)       Landscaping standards that contribute to the establishment of safe, accessible streets with clear paths of travel, walkable connection to the riverfront, street amenities, on-street parking and continuous green canopies that reinforce appropriate transitional zones and contribute to minimizing stormwater runoff.


Source:  Ord. No. 5489, 1, 9-05-17