Sec. 27-280.24.  Applicability and exemptions.


(a)  All developments consisting of one principal building with a single or mixed use shall comply with the design criteria of this Division.


(b)  Exemptions:


(1)               Farm buildings.


(2)               Single-family dwellings.


(3)               Planned developments that were approved by the city council prior to the enactment of this Division on June 21, 2022.


(4)               Completion of work subject to construction plans, building permits or interior finish permits approved prior to the enactment of this Division on June 21, 2022.


(5)               Reconstruction or replacement of a lawfully existing, prior to enactment of this Division, use or structure following a casualty loss.


(6)               Remodeling, rehabilitation, or improvements to existing uses or structures which do not substantially change the location of structures, parking, or other site improvements.


(7)               Reconstructions, replacements, additions or enlargements of existing uses or structures which change or increase floor area or impervious coverage area by less than 50 percent.  Where such reconstructions, replacements, additions or enlargements are 50 percent or greater, these provisions shall apply only to that portion where the new development occurs.


(8)               Interior renovations or interior finished within an existing structure.


Source:  Ord. No. 5774, 1, 06-21-2022;