Sec. 27-280.25.  Non-residential property uses.


(a)    Prohibited uses:


(1)       Sexually oriented businesses.

(2)       Junkyards/salvage yards.


(b)  Conditional uses. The following uses are allowed in the Highway Corridor Overlay District only if such uses are permitted in the underlying zoning district and the planning commission or city council grants a conditional use permit for such use pursuant to the procedures of Chapter 27 of this Code:


(1)   Storage and warehousing of non-hazardous and/or hazardous products.

(2)   Vehicle, trailer, camper, recreational vehicle sales lots, new or used.

(3)   Automobile repair and maintenance.

(4)   Farming and construction equipment sales, new and used, and rentals.

(5)   Commercial outdoor recreation.

(6)   Car wash.

(7)   Outdoor storage (as defined in Sec. 27-2).


Source:  Ord. No. 5774, 1, 06-21-2022;