Sec. 27-280.26.  Criteria for application.


(a)  Process.


(1)       Pre-application conference. A pre-application conference with city staff is required to give the applicant an opportunity to discuss plans before substantial time and/or money is expended. Site plan information shall be submitted to the city at least 14 business days prior to the pre-application conference.


(2)       A subdivision plat, zoning change and/or conditional use permit, if necessary, shall be requested pursuant to the provisions of this Code.


(3)       Application for design review. The applicant shall fill out the application and submit it along with the required documents.


(4)       Design review. City staff (or Design Review Board) will review the submittal documents for compliance with regulations and intent of the overlay district.


(5)       Approval. Upon a successful review, the city will issue the decision in written form and a copy thereof shall be included with the building permit documents in order to receive a building permit.


(6)       Certificate of occupancy permit. After the building permit is issued, all design requirements must be completed as approved in order for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued.


(7)       Maintenance of design requirements. The property owner is required to maintain the design requirements of the project. Neglect in maintaining the structure’s appearance, landscaping, lighting and other design requirements may result in the revocation of the Occupancy Permit.


(b)    Factors for evaluation:


(1)        Conformance of regulations and the criteria provided for in Sec. 27-280.27.

(2)        Logic of design.

(3)        Exterior space utilization.

(4)        Architectural character.

(5)        Attractiveness of material selection.

(6)        Harmony and compatibility.

(7)        Circulation – vehicular and pedestrian.

(8)        Maintenance aspects.

(9)        Protection of natural features, resources, historical and cultural aspects and sensitive areas.


Source:  Ord. No. 5774, § 1, 06-21-2022;