Sec. 27-288.  Fences.


(a)   In all residential zoning districts, fences are permitted in all required yards, or along the edge of any yard, to a height of up to eight (8) feet; except that within any required yard adjoining a street, no fence shall exceed four (4) feet in height subject to the provisions of Sec. 27-290.  On through lots, a fence not to exceed eight (8) feet in height is permitted along the edge of the yard adjoining the street which does not provide access to the lot.


(b)   In nonresidential districts, fences exceeding eight (8) feet in height are allowed subject to the provisions of Sec. 27-290.


(c)   Barbed wire and electric fences shall be subject to Sec. 14-227 of this Code.


(d)   Building permits are required for fences exceeding six (6) feet in height above grade. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02