Sec. 27-292.  Water and septic system requirements.


(a)   A permit from the Norfolk Planning and Development Department shall be required prior to the installation, replacement or repair of any septic tank system.


(b)   All lots utilizing on-site septic systems shall provide an area for a back up absorption field.  The area provided for the back up absorption field shall be able to meet the setback requirements of the primary absorption field as listed in subsection (f)(2) of this section.


(c)   Application for the installation of a septic tank system shall provide a site plan showing the location of the septic tank system, a backup absorption area, and well locations.


(d)   Lots with individual septic systems existing prior to the effective date of this section shall be subject to the provisions of Sec. 26-57 of this Code.


(e)   Discharges to surface waters, ground water without the proper vadose zone separation to the high seasonal water table, or the ground surface, from a septic tank or its soil absorption system shall be prohibited and is a violation of this section.


(f)   All on-site sewage systems installed, modified, repaired or put into operation within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city, on or after the effective date of this chapter shall meet the following requirements:


(1)       Those areas classified as development areas as defined in this chapter shall meet the following requirements at the time of development.  Said requirements shall be enforced throughout development:


a.         In development areas as defined in Sec. 27-2, the location of all existing and proposed wells and septic systems shall be shown on the subdivision plat.


b.         Individual septic systems may be placed on development area lots greater than three (3) acres in size provided they meet all the design and setback requirements and the structural facility does not occupy more than sixty (60%) of said lot.


c.         Development area lots with an area of one (1) to three (3) acres shall have either community sewer or community water systems.


d.         Development area lots with less than one (1) acre shall have community sewers and treatment.


(2)       Nondevelopment areas shall have a minimum lot size greater than three (3) acres.


a.         The installation of a septic system is prohibited within the setback distances listed below.


  Minimum Setback
distance in feet
in feet
  Septic Tank Absorption System
Surface Water, Class A:      
   Primary Contact Recreation 50 50 200
   All Other Surface Water 50 50 200
Private Wells: 50 100 500
Public Water Supply Wells:      
   Noncommunity 50 100 500
   Community System 500 500 1000
Water Lines      
        Main 10 25 50
        Service Connection 10 10 50
   Suction 50 100 200
Property Lines: 10 10 50
   All Except Neighbors 10 25 50
   Neighbors 25 40 65


b.         A new septic system shall not be installed in a designated floodway.


c.         All septic systems shall meet the requirements of this article and Title 124 of the regulations promulgated by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.  In addition, septic systems shall meet the requirements of Secs. 26-76 through 26-95 of this Code.


d.         All septic systems subject to Title 122 of the regulations promulgated by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, shall obtain a class V permit as required by Title 122. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02; Ord. No. 5563, 64, 8-20-18;