Sec. 27-342.  General provisions.


(a)   Utilization:  Required accessory off-street parking facilities provided for the uses hereinafter listed shall be solely for the parking of motor vehicles, in operating condition, of patrons, occupants, or employees of such uses.


(b)   Residential districts:  Required parking spaces shall be provided in all residential districts. Only off-street parking areas provided to serve uses permitted in a residential zoning district will be allowed in that residential district.


(c)   Accessory use:  Off-street parking shall be considered as an accessory use to the use of land for which the parking is provided.  Parking not located on the same tract on which the main use of land is located must be located within the zoning district in which parking or storage lots are permitted as a main use, or within the same zoning classification as the main use to which the off-street parking is accessory.  In no instance shall off-street parking required by this article be located more than three hundred (300) feet, as measured along lines of public access, from the use which it serves.


(d)   Repair and service:  No motor vehicle repair work or service of any kind shall be permitted in association with any off-street parking facilities.


(e)   Computation:  When determination of the number of off-street parking spaces required by this regulation results in a requirement of a fractional space, the fraction of one-half or less may be disregarded, and a fraction in excess of one-half shall be counted as one parking space.


(f)   Mixed uses:  When a building or development contains mixed uses, the off-street parking requirement shall be calculated for each individual use, and the total parking requirement shall be the sum of the individual parking requirements.


(g)   Area:  A required off-street parking space shall be at least eight (8) feet six (6) inches in width and at least nineteen (19) feet in length, exclusive of access drives or aisles, ramps and columns.


(h)   Access:  Each required off-street parking space shall open directly upon an aisle or driveway of such width and design as to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to such parking space.


(i)   Design:  Off-street parking spaces shall comply with the design standards relating to curb length, stall depth, driveway width, island width, barriers, and ingress and egress as contained in the off-street parking standards of this Code.


(j)    Driveway apron:  The driveway apron, which is the paved area adjacent to a garage on the vehicle entry/exit side of the garage, shall be equal in width to the garage door plus one (1) foot on each side and shall extend twenty-five (25) feet out from the garage or a distance equal to the front yard setback, whichever is less.


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02; Ord. No. 5546, 2, 5-21-18