Sec. 27-360.  Purpose and Legislative Intent.


The Telecommunications Act of 1996 affirmed the city’s authority concerning the placement, construction and modification of wireless telecommunications facilities. The city finds that wireless telecommunications facilities may pose significant concerns to the health, safety, public welfare, character and environment of the city and its inhabitants. The city also recognizes that facilitating the development of wireless service technology can be an economic development asset to the city and of significant benefit to the city and its residents.  In order to insure that the placement, construction or modification of wireless telecommunications facilities is consistent with the city’s land use policies, the city is adopting a single, comprehensive, wireless telecommunications facilities application and permit process. The intent of this article is to minimize impact of wireless telecommunications facilities, establish a fair and efficient process for review and approval of applications, assure an integrated, comprehensive review of environmental impacts of such facilities, and protect the health, safety and welfare of the city.


Source:  Ord. No. 5677, § 2, 08-17-2020;