Sec. 27-376.  Public hearing and notification requirements.


(a)   Prior to the approval of any application for a conditional use permit for wireless telecommunications facilities, the process for a conditional use permit as described in Sec. 27-56 of this Code shall be applied.


(b)   If the tower has a valid conditional use permit, there shall be no new conditional use permit required for an application to co-locate on an existing tower or other structure, for a modification at an existing site, or for an eligible facility application as long as there is no proposed increase in the height of the tower or structure, including attachments thereto.


(c)  The city shall schedule the public hearing referred to in subsection (a) of this section once it finds the conditional use permit application, as submitted to the city’s expert, is complete.   The city, at any stage prior to issuing a conditional use permit, may require such additional information as it deems necessary.


(d)  No public hearing or notifications are required for eligible facility applications with a valid conditional use permit.


Source:  Ord. No. 5677, § 2, 08-17-2020;