Sec. 27-57.  Site plan review procedure


The city’s normal plan review procedures for all building permit applications include routine review of site plans for compliance with zoning requirements, such as setbacks, height limitations, and other development regulations.  The site plan review procedure established by this section provides for further administrative action and appeal in addition to plan review required by other sections of this Code of projects that have potentially significant effects on traffic circulation or a significant effect on land uses in adjacent neighborhoods.  The procedure provides for review and evaluation of site development features and possible mitigation of unfavorable effects on surrounding property.


(a)   Administration.  The zoning official, or his or her designee shall review, evaluate, and act on all site plans submitted pursuant to this procedure.  An applicant may appeal a denial of any application to the board of adjustment.


(b)   Uses requiring site plan review.  The following selected uses shall follow the site plan review procedure, unless otherwise subject to a conditional use permit procedure for specific zoning districts.


(1)       Multiple-family developments with 12 or more dwelling units.


(2)       Education facilities, places of religious assembly, recreation centers, and other places of general public assembly or any industrial use with a gross floor area over 20,000 square feet.


(3)       All office or commercial uses or projects with a gross floor area over 10,000 square feet.


(4)       Any use including drive-in services or operation.


(5)       Any industrial use adjacent to a residential district.


(c)   Application requirements.  An application for a site plan review may be filed by the owner(s) of a property or the owners' authorized agent with the Planning and Development Department.  The application shall include the following information:


(1)       Name and address of the applicant.


(2)       Owner, address, and legal description of the property.


(3)       A description of the nature and operating characteristics of the proposed use.


(4)       A site plan, drawn to a scale sufficient to permit adequate review and dimensioned as necessary, showing the following information:


a.        The date, scale, north point, project title, name of owner, and name of person preparing the site plan.


b.        The location and dimensions of boundary lines, easements, and required yards and setbacks of existing and proposed buildings and site improvements.


c.         The location, size, and use of proposed and existing structures on the site.


d.        The location of all proposed site improvements, including parking and loading areas, pedestrian and vehicular access, sewers, sidewalks, utilities, service areas, fencing, screening, landscaping, and lighting.


e.        Location of any major site feature, including drainage and contours at no greater than five foot intervals.


f.         Any other information that may be required for review by the zoning official, or his or her designee.


(d)   Administrative Action and Appeal.  The zoning official or his or her designee must act upon each complete application within thirty working days of filing.  An applicant may appeal a denial to the board of adjustment within thirty days of the action.  The board of adjustment shall consider the appeal at the first available meeting after the filing of the appeal.


(e)   Review and Evaluation.


(1)       The zoning official, or his or her designee (or the board of adjustment in cases of appeal), shall review and approve the site plan based on the criteria established in Sec. 27-58 and conformance with applicable regulations in these zoning regulations.


(2)       The zoning official, or his or her designee (or the board of adjustment in cases of appeal), shall make the following findings before approval of the site plan:


a)        The proposed development, together with any necessary modifications, is compatible with the criteria established in Sec. 27-58.


b)        Any required modifications to the site plan are reasonable and are the minimum necessary to minimize potentially unfavorable effects.


c)        The site plan conforms to the zoning regulations.


(f)   Modification of Site Plan.  The zoning official, or his or her designee (or the board of adjustment in cases of appeal), may require modification of a site plan as a prerequisite for approval.  Required modifications may be more restrictive than base district regulations and may include, but not be limited to, additional landscaping or screening; installation of erosion control measures; improvement of access or circulation; rearrangement of structures on the site; or other modifications deemed necessary to protect the public health, safety, welfare, community character, property values or aesthetics.


(g)   Term and Modification of Approval.


(1)       A site plan approval shall become void two years after the date of approval, unless the applicant receives a building permit and diligently carries out development prior to the expiration of this period.


(2)       The zoning official, or his or her designee, may approve an application to modify a previously approved site plan if he/she determines that the modification does not affect findings related to the criteria set forth in Sec. 27-58.


(3)       The zoning official, or his or her designee may revoke a site plan approval if he/she determines that the development is not complying with the terms and conditions of the approval. Such revocation may be appealed to the board of adjustment.


(h)   Approval to Run With Land.  An approval pursuant to this section shall run with the land until the expiration date of such approval. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, § 1, 9-16-02; Ord. No. 5563, § 60, 8-20-18;