Table 27-58.  Criteria For Site Plan Review And Conditional Use Permits.


Site Plan Review Conditional  Use Permit
Land Use Compatibility      
Development Density Site area per unit or floor area ratio should be similar to surrounding uses if not separated by major natural or artificial features.   X
Height and Scale      
Height and Bulk Development should minimize differences in height and building size from surrounding structures.  Differences should be justified by urban design considerations. X X
Setbacks Development should respect pre-existing setbacks in surrounding area.  Variations should be justified by site or operating characteristics. X X
Building Coverage Building coverage should be similar to that of surrounding development if possible.  Higher coverage should be mitigated by landscaping or site amenities. X X
Site Development      
Frontage Project frontage along a street should be similar to lot width. X X
Parking and Internal Circulation Parking should serve all structures with minimal conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles. X X
  All structures must be accessible to public safety vehicles. X X
  Development must have access to adjacent public streets and ways.  Internal circulation should minimize conflicts and congestion at public access points. X X
Landscaping Landscaping should be integral to the development, providing street landscaping, breaks in uninterrupted paved areas, and buffering where required by surrounding land uses.  Parts of site with sensitive environmental features or natural drainageways should be preserved.  X X
Building Design Architectural design and building materials should be compatible with surrounding areas or highly visible locations   X
Operating Characteristics      
Traffic Capacity Project should not obstruct traffic on adjacent streets.  X X
  Compensating improvements will be required to mitigate impact on street system operations.   X X
External Traffic Effects Project design should direct non-residential traffic away from residential areas. X X
Operating Hours Projects with long operating hours must minimize effects on surrounding residential areas. X X
Hazards Projects must minimize hazards to life or safety to surrounding properties and the general public. X X
Operating Characteristics    
Outside Storage Outside storage areas must be screened from surrounding streets and less intensive land uses. X X
Public Facilities      
Sanitary Waste Disposal Developments within 300 feet of a public sanitary sewer must connect to sewer system.  Individual disposal systems, if permitted, shall not adversely affect public health, safety, or welfare. X X
  Sanitary sewer must have adequate capacity to serve development. X X
Stormwater Management Development should handle stormwater adequately to prevent overloading of public stormwater management system. X X
  Development should not inhibit development of other properties. X X
  Development should not increase probability of erosion, flooding, landslides, or other run-off related effects. X X
Utilities Project must be served by utilities. X X
  Rural estate subdivisions should be located in designated areas which can accommodate water and waste disposal techniques consistent with the need to protect the environment and public health. X X
Comprehensive Plan Projects should be consistent with the City of Norfolk’s Comprehensive Development Plan.   X